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Dr. Kyle Good is a child and adolescent specialist and psychotherapist in Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Dr. Kyle Good
Ph.D., M.Ed., LMHC

Honolulu, Hawaii

  Call (808) 675-6108

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Dr. Kyle Good • Parent Support

Are you finding that your child is refusing to do the smallest tasks or is getting in your face about almost everything?

Being a parent is the hardest job in the world
, and some children and teens are not the most easy to parent. You may be feeling like your child is pushing you away at a time when their behavior is most worrisome, and they need you the mos

Issues tend to grow as your son or daughter grows and develops. 

You are on the front line when it comes to helping your children.  You're the one who knows them best and loves them the most.  So, of course, you want to be able to help with whatever problems they face in their world. 

However, there are times when your child may need help that you, alone, are unable to provide.  Just as a doctor is needed when there's a broken arm or a dentist is needed when there is a cavity, a counselor may be needed when a child's internal conflicts are so great that they are being expressed in such negative, interfering behaviors. 

Your child's acting out may be disrupting your entire family and getting in the way of their own growing up.

The good news is that professional help is available in Honolulu I provide specialized, child and adolescent therapy that is based on the most
up-to-date, research-proven methods.

It may be difficult to admit that outside help is needed.  Perhaps you feel you've made mistakes along the way that didn't help the situation.  Or, in hindsight, you understand more now and wish you had done some things differently.  These are all very normal feelings

Unless you have a crystal ball that you've forgotten to gaze into, you are not at fault for your child needing professional help.  Blame will not help you or your child.  Instead, you are now in the process of making a decision that will support your efforts.  Seeking counsel from a professional may be a new path.  It is understandable to be anxious about all of this.

I meet with parents first in order to learn from you the issues and struggles that have prompted you to seek professional help for your child.  Then, I meet with your child to assess if therapy is even necessary, and if so, prepare my recommendations in moving forward.  I share these recommendations with you so that, as the grown-ups, we can be sophisticated in how we think about the problems and solutions.

Signs Your Child or Adolescent May Need Help from a Child & Adolescent Expert
No one "sign" means you need help from a child and adolescent specialist; however, several signs may wave a red flag Research shows that the longer a parent waits to get help for their child, the more severe the issues might become.  If your child is not outgrowing the problem, professional help may be needed.

Some Signs to Help Spot Your Child's Need for a Professional Intervention:

  Dangerous and risky behavior
Experimenting with drugs / alcohol
  Verbally abusive
  Easily agitated
  Struggling with divorce
  Behaving secretively or dishonestly
  Problems focusing on school work
  Excessive video gaming
  Long periods of sadness
  Withdrawn behavior
  Return to younger behaviors
  Temper tantrums
  Problems saying good-bye to parents
  Poor concentration
  Struggling with basic rules and expectations
  Poor hygiene

Parent Consultations
During our Parent Consultation meetings, I work directly with you to understand your concerns in the context of your child and family.  As I work individually with your child, I pair your knowledge of your child and family with my expertise in child and adolescent development.

Together, we work to understand what your child or adolescent's behavior may be telling us about their struggles in order to
solve the problems that are getting in the way of moving forward. 

I want to understand your worries and concerns so that I may help. 
Call me at
(808) 675-6108  or
email me at


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Dr. Kyle Good is a member of the American Psychological Association: Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist Honolulu Hawaii 96813
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Verified by Good-Therapy:  Dr. Kyle Good, Ph.D., M.Ed., LMHC, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist Honolulu Hawaii 96813

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